Translogic = Desiring Things Other Than God

Unless you have been living under a rock in recent weeks, you are aware that Bruce Jenner “became” Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal pretended to be black, and Dylann Roof committed racially motivated murders. You may not be aware that One Hand Jason cut off his own hand with a power tool, in order to be disabled.

In terms of cultural labels, Bruce Jenner is transgender, Rachel Dolezal is transracial, One Hand Jason is transabled, but Dylann Roof, he is a racist murderer. Except for babies in the womb, America does not support the taking of human life, and therefore Roof is simply a cold-blooded killer. He has no trans-label.

Although Dylann Roof appears to be the odd man out, he is actually just like the other three. Each one of these people had within themselves a desire to do or be something, and they acted upon that desire. Bruce wanted to become a girl, so he took the steps. Rachel wanted to be black, so she took the steps. Jason wanted one hand, so he took the steps. Dylann wanted to kill people, so he took the steps.

This hailstorm of chaos and confusion, caused by these four people acting upon their wicked desires, is the fruit of a culture that has abandoned God. Only God is able to authoritatively decree which desires are good and which desires are bad. Whenever humanity takes into their own hands the authority to declare good from bad, it will be self-serving and full of hypocrisy and inconsistency. Do you remember when the Colorado woman cut a baby out of the womb of another? She was not charged with murder for political reasons – if cutting a living baby out of the womb can result in a charge of murder, then wouldn’t abortion also be murder? Since America will not allow abortion to be murder, the woman was charged with something less than her crime deserves.

These types of stories will only continue to increase, for America shows no signs of stopping in their rebellion against God. People will continue to pursue their wicked desires, no matter where they may be led. The comfort we as American Christians have, living in this dark time, is that we too were once slaves to our desires. We too once acted upon our desires with no thought of God. Yet by the power of the Holy Spirit we were granted faith to believe in Jesus Christ, we were given power to resist our evil desires, and we were given power to desire to live for God in accordance with His good commandments. Since we have received forgiveness for our sins, we know many others can too. We must never forget that God came for the sinner, not the righteous. God did not come for a culture of light, but He came to shine brightly in a culture of darkness. God did not save us so that we might flee a wicked culture, but He saved us so that we might share His gospel with the wicked culture.

But God will not be mocked forever. He will judge the actions of all the unrepentant sinners who refuse His grace and forsake His law. To all such people we can apply the rebuke of God through the prophet Jeremiah, when he said to Israel

Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots? Then you also can do good who are accustomed to doing evil. (Jeremiah 13: 23)

No, the Ethiopian cannot change his skin. No, the leopard cannot change his spots. Therefore, no, man cannot do good.

Do you need proof that man cannot do good and is unable to administer justice outside of God? Consider the hypocrisy of secular jurisprudence and ethics:

  • If you are a man who pretends to be a woman, you are a hero.
  • If you are a white woman who pretends to be black, you are a liar.
  • If you are a pregnant woman who aborts her baby, you are a champion of rights.
  • If you are a young man who takes the life of another, you are a murderer.
  • If you act upon your sexual desires for a member of the same-sex, you are brave.
  • If you refuse to sell a gay couple a wedding cake, because you don’t recognize gay marriage as a legitimate concept, you are a coward and intolerant and worthy of having your business shut down.

Only in a culture ruled by translogic can these contradictory and hypocritical ideas coexist. As Jesus said, the natural desires of the human heart are wicked, and we know from experience that a culture of wickedness has no desire to maintain any sort of logical consistency.

For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders. These are the things which defile the man…(Matthew 15: 19 – 20)

We are most certainly living in a defiled culture. This defiled culture will not be made clean through translogic. Rather, in accordance with the logic of the gospel, it can only be made clean through the blood of Jesus of Nazareth. Only the blood of Jesus has the power of washing away our sins.


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