Social Justice and the Gospel: 1 – Introduction

Three years ago my daughter was born and I stopped blogging. In that time there has been increased discourse and increased vitriol within the church regarding the movement known as Social Justice. In 2018 The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel was released as a line drawn in the sand. If you sign the statement, you believe that the Social Justice movement is unbiblical but is gaining such an influence within the church that it has to be intentionally and publicly opposed. If you do not sign the statement, you believe that Social Justice is biblical and is to be adopted and implemented by the church.

The fighting over Social Justice has only increased since that statement was released, especially in the last few weeks and months with all that has recently transpired here in America. It seems nowadays that no congregation is untouched by ideas originating within, or being advocated by, the Social Justice movement. In light of all the ideas floating around the church right now, I wanted to begin this new blog series “Social Justice and the Gospel” in order to examine doctrines that exist under the umbrella of Social Justice.


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