A Scarlet Summary

On New Year’s Eve my Malachi post concluded a series of blogs that started with the book of Genesis and continued through the Old Testament books in sequential order. The theme that bound all the posts together was “The Scarlet Thread”. To read more about that interpretive concept, click here, and you will be taken to a page on my blog that explains the Biblical basis of the concept.

Since that series has concluded, I wanted to thank you for reading and let you know I will be starting another series shortly, the theme of which will be the Old Testament foreshadows of a third day resurrection.

In Christ,


P.S. Below is a summary of the Scarlet Thread blog posts and the basic theme of each.

Book Title Primary Theme of Blog
Genesis Jesus is Creator
Exodus The Passover foreshadows the gospel of Jesus Christ
Leviticus The law prepares us for the gospel by showing us our sin and our need for a Savior
Numbers Moses and the bronze serpent foreshadow the gospel of Jesus Christ
Deuteronomy Jesus is the Great Prophet prophesied by Moses
Joshua The account of Rahab foreshadows the gospel; Rahab is part of Christ’s genealogy
Judges The Old Covenant failed to change mens’ hearts but the New Covenant succeeds
Ruth The love story of Ruth prepared the way for the Messiah to be born in Bethlehem
1 Samuel How the people asking God for a king was ultimately fulfilled in Christ
2 Samuel David acquired the land where the temple would be built; the temple curtain was torn in two when Jesus was crucified
1 Kings Solomon was a foreshadow of Jesus
2 Kings Jesus used Elisha’s healing of a Gentile to show how the gospel would be opened up to all Gentiles
1 Chronicles The Davidic Covenant points to Jesus Christ
2 Chronicles The exile of the Jews foreshadowed the judgment of man and the exile of unbelievers to Hell
Ezra God used an ancestor of Christ to rebuild the temple after the return to Jerusalem; Jesus raised His own temple from the dead
Nehemiah The book of Nehemiah points to Christ
Esther Esther is a foreshadow of Christ
Job The suffering of Job foreshadows the suffering of Jesus
Psalms The parallels between Psalm 22 and Matthew’s account of Jesus’ crucifixion
Proverbs The paradox of the gospel when compared to earthly wisdom
Ecclesiastes Solomon’s reflection of life without God are paralleled by Paul’s reflection on life without Jesus
Song of Solomon Marital love foreshadows Christ and His bride
Isaiah Philip taught an Ethiopian that Isaiah 53 is about Jesus
Jeremiah The false prophets of Jeremiah’s day are similar to the false prophets in our day
Lamentations Oops – forgot to do a blog on this book!
Ezekiel The appearance of Jesus to Ezekiel
Daniel Jesus is the Son of Man prophesied by Daniel
Hosea Hosea prophesied the gospel going to the Gentiles
Joel Joel prophesied the day of Pentecost
Amos The apostles used the words of Amos to explain the conversion of Gentiles
Obadiah The cup of wrath versus the cup of blessing
Jonah Jonah is a foreshadow of Christ
Micah Jesus was born in Bethlehem, as Micah predicted
Nahum The wicked Ninevites are analogous to all who have broken God’s law
Habbakuk The righteous shall live by faith
Zephaniah Jesus will condemn many alleged Christians due to a false religion of works
Haggai Without the rebuilding of the 2nd temple, leading to Herod’s temple, the veil could not have been torn in two upon Christ’s death on the cross
Zechariah Zechariah prophesied the Messiah will combine the office of king and priest
Malachi John the Baptist was the prophesied forerunner to the Messiah

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