A Brief Bio

Due to gentle prodding from my wife for a more personal touch, and due to the thought that anyone discussing the Scriptures should attach their name to their words, I offer herein a little bit of biographical information that helps shed light on the nature of the content of this blog.

In 1999 I moved from Tucson to Seattle as a deist (believed in God, did not know Christ, belief in God had little impact on life).  Within two years I had come to saving faith in Christ, attending a small church plant.  The church plant went under due to a lack of people and finances, and I ended up at another church plant.

This church plant started as a small group of people and grew to two services and a couple hundred people.  I played guitar in the worship band, I participated and led Bible studies, I served on various ministries in different capacities, I had many friends and all was well.

But one day, near the end of 2007, I had a dream which I believe was from the Lord.  Without getting into specifics, it became clear to me that I needed to read and study the Scriptures in a way I never had before.  So I studied the Scriptures with great fervor for the next few years and was aided by a few great teachers and the books or DVDs or podcasts they had produced.

In about two to three years I had learned more about Jesus and His gospel than the previous seven years of my Christian existence, and in order to be faithful to what I believed to be the gospel of Jesus Christ presented in Scripture, and what I believed to be the call to pastors and a church body to collectively steward the Scriptures and the teachings of Christ, I left my church for one more faithful to the objective revealed testimony of the Bible.

I landed at Living Hope Presbyterian Church, a small congregation in West Seattle, where I still attend.

The content on this site is my attempt to share some of what I have learned since being reawakened to the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bryan Solem


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